About Kweyve - Talented Nigerian Artist


Hafsat Kweyve Sami a young creative from Nigeria with a background in business management and in Interior architecture & design -grew up with an undying love for arts. 

Her inspirations come from the people, culture, music, clothing of the people within her community in Africa which unbeknownst to her had to a large extent, influenced and impacted her life. 

 She moved to San Francisco USA and lived there for a couple of years and during that time attended an art school whilst being surrounded by artists with constant creative energy pushed her to free the creative that was inside of her, and she hasn't stopped since then. 

 She is currently residing in Nigeria, working as a painter, poet, clothing and textile designer, but she knows deep down inside that is only the beginning. 

 She hopes one day to own her own textile company, along side many other things.